Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I have been sewing ...

In my last post I said that I would try out some of the newer indi patterns, as I have been disappointed in the results I have been getting with my sewing using the Big 4 patterns. So disappointed that I actually haven't been sewing much at all for the past few years.

So I bought the Colette Moneta, Myrtle, Hawthorn and the Mabel patterns as these all seemed like good wardrobe basics, and could see them working with my current lifestyle.   I do have to say these patterns aren't cheap to buy, but I have found a stockist in Melbourne that only charges $2 for the postage so that at least eliminates the expensive international postage.  The other good thing is that I get them in 2 days :)   I chose to buy the actual patterns rather than download the pdf's and tape them together.  I just haven't got the patience to do that!   I also bought a few Style Arc patterns but I think the ones I bought are probably more suitable for when the weather cools down.

So first off I set about sewing the Moneta dress.   I have seen this dress made by so many bloggers and it looked lovely on them.  But most of them were young and slim.  I did worry that this style could be a little 'girly' for me and not as suitable for a curvy girl.   It wasn't until I saw T's  lovely version of the Moneta at U&Mii  and Marianne's version Foxgloves and Thimbles that I realised that  perhaps it may suit me after all.   I found the perfect knit fabric that had four way stretch at Joys Fabric Warehouse in Geelong.  

As my bust measurement is 42" I cut the XL but I did cut the 2XL skirt.  I am so use to upsizing for my hips I couldn't bring myself to cutting the skirt as XL.  I actually think it may still have fitted but having that extra "swirl" just makes me feel more comfortable. 

I do have to admit that when I first sewed the bodice together I thought I had completely stuffed up my material.  The bodice looked so small!  I double checked my measurements and made sure that I had actually traced off the XL and I had.   Those old demons about 'not being meant to sew' were racing through my head and 'how I was wasting money trying' came flooding back. Then I read through T's post again and notice she had commented on how she thought the same thing but it had worked out!  So I continued to make the dress, praying that she was right and this would fit me.   I didn't try this on until I had completely finished it.  I was so scared it wasn't going to fit.

I have come to the conclusion there are two types of people in the world.  Those that can attach the skirt to the Moneta with the clear elastic (as per the Colette instructions) and those that can't.  I fall into the those that can't category :(    I had three attempts using the elastic and the last attempt was bad but passable.  I vow and declare I will never try this again!

The verdict is that the Moneta is a great dress!  I do have to tweak a few things.  It does fit but it is a little snug for my liking particularly at the back.  I have noticed that the back clings even on the slimmer girls but I don't want my back fat on display to the world.  So for my next version (which I have nearly finished)  I just increased the side seams to give me that extra inch of wriggle room  I also used the 2XL sleeve because I needed the extra room.  The great thing with knits is that by making these changes it doesn't cause major problems like it can with a woven.

I do love the dress and have been told it looks good on me but I am just not use to wearing my dresses so snug.  I am hoping that the alterations I have made will make next one perfect :)