Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I nearly did something so stupid ....

Has anyone else ever fallen for the old trap of seeing something made up on a model and falling in love with the pattern and fabric displayed without giving any serious thought to their body shape!  

It happened to me last week when I went to a fabric store.  I don't get over to this store very often because it isn't that close to my home but when I do I always spend lots of money :-/    One of the reasons I spend so much in the store is that they make up sample garments in fabrics they have in stock.  I am such a sucker. I always fall for something they have on display when the truth of the matter is that the pattern featured is normally made in a size 12 or 14 so chances are that it isn't going to look like the sample on me.   Oh yes I have forgotten to mention that the fabric in these display garments is never cheap.

Last week I went over looking for something casual and a little cute that I could wear to work and on weekends.  On the display model was a tunic made up in a lovely grey linen with little white poka dots.  They teamed it with a white 3/4 sleeve top.  It looked so good on the model that I had a complete brain fade and forgot my curvy pear shaped body and bought the pattern and enough fabric to make up this tunic.   On my way home I slowly started to come to my senses and knew in my heart of hearts that this just wasn't going to work for me.   But I really wanted it to...     After preparing my linen fabric by washing it and drying it in the dryer  I decided this was one pattern that I needed to make a toile of before cutting into my good fabric.  Well am I glad I did!   McCalls 6739 could well have been my biggest sewing disaster ever.   Thank goodness I didn't cut straight into $59 of linen to learn my lesson. 

The moral to this tale is "never forget your age and body shape when choosing a pattern.  Just because you love the look of something doesn't mean you can wear it".  Choose something similar that suits your shape.

I am now searching for a tunic pattern that will suit my body shape and my new linen fabric. Hopefully my next post will reveal I have been successful.