Sunday, November 16, 2014

Missing in action ...

I know it's been ages since I last posted on this poor neglected blog.  I have to admit that I have been sewing, but only a few very simple skirts and one maxi skirt.  Nothing worth photographing and posting about unfortunately.

Over the past few  months I have been falling in and out of love with sewing.  Which is pretty normal for me and my relationship with sewing.   I would make a skirt I am really happy with then the next project would be just 'blah' and I would lose interest and start to feel that it wasn't worth wasting my time sewing at all.

Sewing with the Big 4 patterns has really been hit and miss for me.  In fairness it may not all be their fault.  I am beginning to feel it is my expectation on how something is going to look on me that could well be the problem.

So here I am again heading into another hot Australian summer with no clothes.  My husband tells me that I say this every year and I should just go out and buy some clothes.  I wish it was that easy for me.  I just can't find things that fit my top half and also my hips.  Here in Australia for some reason plus size clothing ( I hate that term) seems to made from cheap and nasty fabrics in bold  awful prints.  Why do they believe that curvy women don't want to wear quality fabrics and stylish clothes?

OK,the purpose of this post is that I am going to try something else!  Whilst I haven't been posting on my blog I have been reading everyone else's and I have noticed that the whole sewing world has embraced the new indy pattern designers.   Whilst most of these patterns seem too young for me I have bought a couple and I plan on giving them a try.   Pop back soon to see how I go.  Style Arc are going to be the first I try.   Believe it or not I do have a plan for my summer wardrobe :)